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Twenty-First Century Greens

We are happy to announce the second printing of

21st Century Greens:
Leaf Vegetables in Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture.

This 260-page, 11" x 8.5" paperback explores the potential of leaf crops to end malnutrition and build a more durable food system. It explains how to grow, prepare, and preserve over 100 unique leaf crops. (Click here or above to preview...)

You will learn how to make leaf concentrate, raise edible cover crops, and build your own solar food dryer. Thirty-six original recipes that incorporate leaf vegetables are included.

The book is now available for immediate delivery. The price is $24.00 (USD). Free shipping for USA deliveries. ($12 shipping for international purchases. Click >>here<< for international orders.)

All proceeds from book sales will support Leaf for Life programs.

[ Download chapters of this book as PDFs . . . ]


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