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Eat Your Greens:
The Surprising Power of Home Grown Leaf Crops

A new book by Leaf for Life Director David Kennedy

Click to view at amazon.com

Available now at amazon.com . . . Eat Your Greens: The Surprising Power of Homegrown Leaf Crops

Beginning with a comprehensive overview of modern commercial agriculture, and rounded out by a selection of advanced techniques to maximize, preserve, and prepare your leaf vegetable harvest, Eat Your Greens:

  • Shows how familiar garden plants such as sweet potato, okra, beans, peas, and pumpkins can be grown to provide both nourishing leaves and other calorie- and protein-rich foods.
  • Introduces a variety of non-traditional leafy vegetables readily adapted to local growing conditions, such as chaya, moringa, toon, and wolfberry.
  • Explains how to improve your soil while getting plenty of vegetables by growing edible cover crops.

This 288-page book from New Society Publishers has 8 pages of color photos and 50 illustrations. It is available now in both paperback and electronic versions through Amazon and other booksellers.

From reviews:

"Leaf crops produce the most nutrition from the least space while requiring the fewest inputs. The trouble is...many valuable leafy vegetables are unknown to gardeners. Nor do we know how to prepare or preserve them. Dave Kennedy’s Eat Your Greens provides all this information. The book should be on the shelf of every serious gardener."
Steve Solomon, Author The Intelligent Gardener and Gardening When It Counts

"David Kennedy makes a compelling case for home gardens as a vital element of our food system and for expanding our food and garden horizons by growing super-nutritious greens, including some novel leaf crops and traditional crops used in new ways. A great resource
for those wishing to increase their food security, Eat Your Greens offers detailed information on growing, eating, and preserving greens that both novice and experienced gardeners will welcome."
Susan Littlefield, Horticultural Editor, National Gardening Association




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